Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd Annual Chiyogami Paper Givaway

It boggles the mind to think what I could do in my Journals and many other projects if I won this paper. Don't you dare join and compeat with me!  ;)

Oh I guess it's OK. here's the link

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here I have pasted some of my zentangles. The pages were painted with a variety of paints and inks first. The one on the left includes a stamp of gold cracked design. The mandela on the right was my first one ever. I am doing a lot of them now.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journal Cover

I finally painted my Journal cover. It took 3 coats of Gesso to cover in a crosshatch pattern that makes it look like linen. Then I used my new stencils to do the color work and my micon pen 03 and my copic markers to do the title. I hand cut a butterfly rubber stamp but when I printed it I smeared it so I took a handi wipe to fully smear it a little larger than the stamp. I then took a die cut butterfly I had, about the same size, and glued it on after and colored it with copic markes. I then sealed the cover with a light coat of low oder sealant spray.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I was trying out a new product, to me anyway. The Zig Memory System Writer Chalk Pastels Dual tip Markers. I figured what better way to test out marker that looks like chalk than on a chalkboard.
 I painted the page with slightly watered down black acrylic craft paint to achive the chalkboard. Then wrote using the white pen that comes in the set. Actually I have 2 sets both with the same 6 colors but with different tips. One set is a fine and large bullet point, and the other set is a small and large calligraphy tips. I used the large calligraphy tip here.  Fun to hearken back to my youth!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I just learned how to carve my own rubber stamps and this is my first one, a rose.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of October

The hydrangeas are gone past but I rescued a couple before they turned brown. I drew this on a collage of old newspaper articles which I then spray gessoed over.
Love the spray gesso as I covers up so many evils.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Storm your Brain

The Zentangle on the left was made on grey paper I stained as I couldn't find any in my stash at the time. I was inspired by this video at YouTube.

The page on the right I ues a tecknique I adapted from another. I painted whole page grey and dried then painted whole page with Martha Stewart Pearl Pink paint. I then used a comb from Martha's tools to make the background. The designs on the page were die cuts I made. some of which were with paper I dyed myself.

Be thou Humble

Here are two more pages where I was using Martha Stewart Paints from Michaels to achieve the shine probably not visible on the scan.
The right page has another Zentangle. The flourish stamp (from La Blanche) I used, was a birthday present from a dear friend.

New Journal style

I am taking a Watercolor Journal class from Jane LaFazio at and am loving it. Here is my fist pages. One the first one we were asked to draw items from our homes. The top image I was to use only the marker(watercolor) to drag out shading (no color) I used my LaPlume marker or could of used a Tombo if I had it.  The other two bottles I experimented with my Koi water color set. 

On the second page we were to go outside to find natural stuff to draw. Since it was raining hard the first day I drew from a photograph of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Zentangle Mandela

Here on the right, I included a Zentangle Mandela I did on black paper with a white gel pen. This was my first attempt at both a white on black zentangle and a Mandela.
The left page includes a diecut from CheeryLynn designs I cut out on my Vagabond machine. The baper behind the butterfly was hand dyed by me.

Green and Gold

This is a pair of pages I really like. The text was printed on parchment paper and torn out and distressed before adding. The photos don't do them justice.

More pages

Here are my next few pages.I don't remember how I did the right one but I suspect I used craft paint mostly. I admire some other styles of Journaling and their art and here I added a snipet of my first attempt.
As for the left page I painted a base coat of Soft Gel by Golden. Then a layer of blue metallic craft paint. I then covered the image with saran wrap scrunched up and let dry overnight then peel off the wrap. I hated covering it up as I loved the effect so much. The image i finally used on the page is a Mandela Zentangle i drew.

Welcome all you art journalists to my new blog. I have reciently fallen in love with art Journaling and here are my efforts so far. This pair of pages were not my first but pretty close. I used Tim Holtz distress pads and liquid pears to jazz up a little. The text on the left was from an email sent by a friend. The two pictures on the right are Zentangles I made last year.